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How much will Rehab Cost?

Just like different rehab programs vary in their facility type, treatment options offered, and philosophies on addiction and recovery, they also vary in cost. It is important to find a rehab facility that fits your budget, but it is also necessary to remember that cost isn’t the only deciding factor for care. Just as you would with healthcare treatment, you should expect to pay adequately for quality rehab.

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Why Does the Cost of Rehab Vary So Much from Program to Program?

Everything from completely free programs to luxury facilities costing $80,000 a month exists for the treatment of addiction. However, one must understand why there is such a high variance in cost before looking for the right program.

  • Luxury and private rehab centers offer many amenities, additional treatment options, and accommodations that lower cost facilities do not. Many of these programs provide patients with hotel-like rooms that allow for considerable comfort during recovery, and for those who can afford it, this can be extremely beneficial. Rehab and early recovery can be a trying time, and many patients prefer to be somewhere comfortable while going through this process.
  • Very low-cost or even free rehab centers normally admit patients based on need. This distinction is often made by the staff at these facilities who consider possible patients by their budget, income, and several other factors. Those who do not require free treatment usually do not receive it. This is because someone who can pay for a more expensive rehab option should do so in order to leave free rehab slots open for those who could not receive treatment any other way.
  • Each rehab center has their own philosophy and their own particular way of treating and helping patients through recovery. This variation also includes cost, as centers that are able to offer additional treatment options are normally more expensive. It is important that you find a rehab facility with a philosophy you agree with; this can help you identify which programs will be fitting for you in all ways, including financially.

Drug Abuse Costs More

For every dollar an individual spends on rehab, they would have spent many more on feeding their habit. Addiction and substance abuse is much more expensive than recovery and causes many more issues, not only in your life, but in the lives of those you love.

Many individuals struggle financially as a result of substance abuse because they can no longer control their use of dangerous drugs. They use money that was meant for rent, groceries, or other important things to obtain more drugs and often lose their jobs as a result of their substance abuse and poor performance.

Substance abuse will always cost you so much more than rehab, and while it is important to find the right program, it is also necessary to begin putting your money toward a cause that will benefit you and those you love.

You can make a change in your life for the better by attending treatment, and there are various ways that you can pay for your rehab program, even if you choose to pay for everything yourself.

Paying for Rehab is Possible

Many options exist to make paying the cost of your rehab program achievable. You must remember you are not alone in your recovery, and there are plenty of ways in which you can find help to begin attending the treatment you need. Call today to discuss your options, which can include:

  • Insurance: If you have an insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, your policy is legally obliged to cover substance abuse treatment, as this is now considered an essential health benefit. Addicts are suffering from a mental illness, and treatment is necessary in order to recover. Therefore, it is incredibly important to find a rehab facility that will work with your insurance program so some of the cost of the program can be paid for. Calling your provider and asking the representative what your options are can help you determine which treatment options will best fit your budget as well as your needs.
  • Financing: You do not need to pay for your rehab stay all at once, even if you are paying for it all yourself. Most treatment centers will provide financing options where you can pay a specific sum when you arrive at the facility and then make monthly payments after your treatment has ended. This can make the final amount much easier to take on and afford with smaller, consistent payments.
  • Vocational Services: Many rehab centers either provide vocational or financial services on-site or, if they do not, their staff members can refer patients to off-site facilities where they can get the help they need. This is especially beneficial if you have been struggling with job loss or financial problems due to your drug abuse. Many times, people are able to find jobs that will help them pay their treatment bills once they leave their facility and are able to recover fully from addiction in the process.

You can pay for rehab, and depending on the options your program offers, you can receive assistance as well. It also can be helpful to know when family and friends support your decision to attend treatment and will be willing to contribute to the payment.

You have many supporters of your decision to seek addiction treatment, whether you know them yet or not, and they will all want to help you as much as possible to attend the program you need.

The Healthcare You Need

It is essential that, when seeking addiction treatment, you focus more on finding the healthcare you need instead of the price you want. While there are less expensive options available, it is not always safe or beneficial to choose one of these. It is best to find the treatment center that caters to your needs and then discuss with the staff, your insurance provider, and your loved ones how you mean to pay for it.

Healthcare isn't cheap, and the more successful programs can sometimes cost more as well. But you will make an incredible difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones by deciding to attend a rehab program that will truly benefit you.

You will also make changes for the better to your health, your relationships, your legal, educational, and vocational situation, and even your financial state. You deserve to attend a treatment program that makes you feel comfortable and safe and that provides excellent care.

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