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Do I Really Need Rehab?

Once you have admitted to yourself that you truly do have an addiction, the next step is to decide what to do about it. It can be easy to tell yourself your addiction is not that serious, that your friends don’t think you need help, or that you are still able to function even with your addiction. But the truth is that most addicts do need to attend rehab in order to make a recovery and change their lives for the better. You can make this change by finding and attending the right program for your needs and your recovery will likely be much stronger and healthier for it. Call us today to get started.

How Do I Know I Need Rehab?

There are many signs that can help you realize when you require rehab. Often, friends and family members are the ones who come to the addict and make them aware that they have a problem. But if you are the one wondering if your addiction is bad enough for you to truly need rehab, ask yourself the questions below to find out:

  • Do I abuse drugs every day?
  • Do I make excuses for myself to use drugs?
  • Do I drink or use mind-altering substances even when I am alone?
  • Have I noticed significant changes in my behavior, interests, and health since I began using certain substances?
  • Have I tried to stop my drug abuse––or at least cut back––on my own and not been successful?
  • Is my tolerance for the drug I abuse steadily growing, even to the point where I barely feel the desired effects any longer?
  • Do I experience severe physical and/or psychological withdrawal symptoms when I cannot take the drug?
  • Do I crave the substance I abuse or look forward to using it whenever I am not high?
  • Have I noticed that my behavior has become riskier or that I am more willing to do dangerous things when I’m high or in order to obtain more of the substance?
  • Have I begun to neglect my responsibilities in favor of using drugs?
  • Do I feel that I seek out the substance compulsively?
  • Have other things in my life suffered (school, work, finances, relationships, etc.) because of my drug abuse?
  • In spite of this, do I still feel like I cannot stop or control it?

If you answered yes to two or three of these questions, you likely have a mild addiction. If you answered yes to four to six, your addiction is probably more moderate but could become severe over time. Answering yes to any more means you are severely addicted to the substance you’re abusing. However, this is not an official diagnosis, and it is important that you discuss your addiction with a doctor who can determine exactly how serious it is.

What If My Addiction Isn't That Bad?

Does a person still need addiction treatment in the form of formal rehab if their addiction isn’t yet that serious? Yes. There are many ways for an addiction to seem or be mild: perhaps you hide your drug abuse behind a high-power job or you have not been abusing a drug for very long so you believe it isn’t that dangerous to you. However, no matter how mild your addiction is or seems to be, there is no time too early to begin rehab and recovery.

If you feel your addiction is currently mild, you may believe rehab is not the right path for you, but it is likely that your addiction will only become worse over time. This is why attending formal rehab now will help you avoid the more serious effects of moderate to severe addiction by getting help before it has become more dangerous. In addition, it will be easier for you to make the kind of change in your life you are looking for, especially because your addiction is less severe now. It is much harder to reverse the effects of an addiction that has existed for years and has been allowed to intensify over time.

But no matter how severe your addiction is, it will be difficult––and likely to lead to relapse––if you attempt to work through it on your own.

Even those who have not been addicted to a drug for long or those who are not experiencing serious addictions should seek out rehab because of the difficulty of creating a change once addiction has already set in. Rehab is a treatment option that has been clinically and scientifically proven to be effective for individuals of all addiction levels, and attending formal treatment can make a supreme difference in your life, helping you recover in the safest way possible. We can help you find a rehab center that fits your needs; call us today. 

Myths Surrounding Rehab and Addiction Treatment

Unfortunately, there are many myths about rehab centers and the programs they offer that can discourage people from attending formal treatment when they need to do so. Once you understand the truth behind these matters, you can see how much safer and better it will be for you to attend rehab.

  • Myth: Rehab isn’t an effective treatment program because it cannot cure addiction.
  • Truth: The National Institute on Drug Abuse states, “According to research that tracks individuals in treatment over extended periods, most people who get into and remain in treatment stop using drugs, decrease their criminal activity, and improve their occupational, social, and psychological functioning.” Rehab is not only effective, but it can make a number of changes in a person’s life for the better. Though it is not a cure-all for addiction, it allows an individual to live with their disorder much more safely and to actually create a life that is no longer ruled by drug abuse.
  • Myth: If my friends and family don't believe I need rehab, then I don't.
  • Truth: If you are concerned there is a possibility that you may need professional treatment, it is more than likely that you do. Just because other people in your life haven't voiced their concerns doesn't mean yours are invalid. In addition, they may not feel you need help for a number of reasons. Perhaps they abuse drugs too, or they do not realize how severe your addiction has become. Examine these possibilities when considering what your friends and family members believe, and absolutely seek help when you realize you need it.
  • Myth: My loved ones don’t want me to attend rehab, but I do. I should listen to them because they know what’s best for me at this point.
  • Truth: Actually, rehabilitation and recovery are about what is best for the addict, not their loved ones, and an individual who is struggling with addiction should still have a significant say in how their recovery should be achieved. Of course the friends and family of an addicted individual should still receive help and treatment for their own issues associated with their loved one’s drug abuse, but your treatment program should be based on your needs and what you believe will be most beneficial to your recovery, not what others think. This should also pertain to the kind of treatment you receive and the facility from which you receive it.
  • Myth: Medications are used in rehab. This is just moving someone from one addiction to another.
  • Truth: When medications are used in treatment, their dosages are highly regulated to ensure that they do not cause any dangerous side effects for the individual, including those that create euphoria. Medications are given because they minimize withdrawal symptoms, reestablish the normal functions of the individual’s brain and body, and allow the individual to focus on their therapy. They are not being given as a substitute to prolong addiction, as they do not create the same drug-seeking behavior and other problematic issues associated with addiction.

Once you consider the truth behind these long-believed myths, you can discover that rehab is a beneficial program and is often necessary to most addicts. What's more, your treatment program will be specifically catered to your needs and no one else's in order to ensure that you can recover in the best, safest, and most effective way for you. Call us to learn more about the benefits of attending a rehab center. 

Can I Recover Without Rehab?

There are some individuals who do make a full recovery from addiction without attending rehab, but they are few and far between. This is true for many reasons.

  • Overcoming addiction alone is incredibly difficult.
  • Relapse is a constant threat in recovery, even for those who have attended rehab, and those who have not are often not equipped with the tools to fight against it.
  • The help and support of actual medical professionals during recovery is highly necessary because many addicts believe they can diagnose and treat themselves. This is not a safe road to recovery, as it often leads to mistakes and, eventually, relapse.
  • Most individuals who maintain their sobriety and recovery for years attend more than one rehab program over the time that they remain sober. At different times in our lives, we all need help in different ways, and attending multiple rehab programs can give you the help and support you require as your needs change.

Although there are some individuals who recover without rehab, it is a much harder road and also much more likely to end in relapse and other problems. Traditional rehab programs that utilize medication, behavioral therapy, and other treatment options have been studied for their effectiveness, and those who attend these programs have been found to be much more successful in general than those who do not.

Do I Really Need Rehab?

Most people truly do need rehab in order to recover from addiction, even if their condition is not incredibly severe. Whether you have been using drugs for only a short time, you are a high-functioning addict who still manages to stay on top of their responsibilities, or you do not feel your addiction has become incredibly severe, you could always benefit from attending rehab and allowing yourself to be helped.

Rehab is always an option for addicts of any level and any nature, and it is important that individuals struggling with drug abuse understand this. There are rehab centers that provide low-cost and even free treatment to those who need it, and private and luxury facilities also exist for those who value their seclusion. As formerly stated, if you feel that you may require help, you probably do, and attending formal rehab is the best way to find it.

Call us today and we will help you find a rehab center that fits your needs and your specific addiction syndrome. We will also work with you to understand your addiction and to answer any questions you may have about your treatment options. It can be tempting to tell yourself that you can solve your addiction on your own, but in reality, it is much safer and much more likely to end in the results you want if you decide to attend formal rehab. Call us now; we can help.


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